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Windscribe is a VPN solution for businesses from the team behind SaferVPN. Its software-based VPN products let companies set their employees up with secure remote access across an unlimited number of locations and devices. Each authorized employee receives a link to download a single-click VPN client app to their devices. The service is scalable, making it a good choice for growing businesses.


  • Secure remote access without the need for hardware
  • Single-click apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chrome


  • VPN for business is far more expensive than VPN for individuals
  • Contact details required to view demo

Ideal for
  • Growing businesses
  • Companies with employees in multiple or remote locations
  • Seeing your company’s search rankings in other countries

Setup and Ease of Use

Unlike other corporate VPN services, Windscribe doesn’t require any hardware or manual configuration. It runs on software, is scalable, and integrates seamlessly with the cloud.

When you sign up with Windscribe, you get a full management platform where you can build, manage and secure your network. You can give network access to as many team members as you like, assign them to specific groups, and add and remove user permissions with a single click.

Every team member receives a link to download Windscribe’s single-click VPN client to their devices. Depending on your company’s security settings, you can have users log into their client using various third-party identity tools (such as Google), 2-step authentication, Duo Security, or SMS authentication.


Business $3.75/month per team member
Enterprise Customized quotes, dependent on size of your team

Windscribe offers 2 business packages: a Business package, hosted in Windscribe’s secure cloud; and a more-expensive Enterprise package, secured by a Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) and hosted through a dedicated on-premise service. Both packages come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Package Features

The Business package comes equipped with these features:

  • Shared servers in 35 locations
  • Automatically protects employees’ devices when they log onto unsecured public WiFi
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Login via single sign-on providers such as SAML, LDAP, Active Directory, Touch ID, 2-Factor Authentication, and more
  • Cloud management platform, with remote access for all employees as defined by user permissions
  • Option of deploying private servers in a remote location, on your premises, or in the cloud, allowing you to restrict access to specific resources to dedicated IPs
  • Activity reports and analytics, allowing you to monitor logins, app connections, and connections to unsecured WiFi

The Enterprise package offers all the features included in the Business package, as well as the following:

  • Advanced configuration, enabling you to manage aspects of your network (eg. Firewall, subnets) and your application (e.g. VPN protocols, automatic WiFi security).
  • VPN server management and monitoring, so you can: manage server locations, monitor the number of users, and monitor latency.
  • Activity API, with instant alerts on login activity and other critical issues.

Security and Privacy

As you’d expect of a product developed by cybersecurity software geeks, Windscribe is all about security. Its corporate VPN solutions are designed so business can grant secure, remote access to all authorized employees—and keep everyone else out.

The Enterprise package is one of the most secure VPNs for business on the market, backed by a Software-Defined Perimeter (SPD). “What is an SPD?” we hear you ask.  In Windscribe’s own words, “SDP allows organizations to restrict network access and provide customized, manageable and secure access to networked systems. Connectivity is based on the need-to-know-model, meaning each device and identity must be verified before being granted access to the network.” SDPs offer an even greater level of protection compared to traditional perimeter-based approach, and have been proved to stop all forms of network attacks, including distributed denial-of-service (DDOS), Man-in-the-Middle, Server Query, and Advanced Persistent Threat.

Customer Support

As you’d expect of an enterprise VPN service, Perimeter offers all its clients dedicated 24/7 support for technical and billing enquiries. New customers can request a demo by filling out a short online form on Windscribe’s website and entering their name, email address, phone number, and some basic details about their company.

Bottom Line

Windscribe represents the next phase in VPN solutions, enabling businesses to maintain complete privacy and security over all their online activities—even when their employees are spread around the world. The service runs entirely on cloud-based software, is easy to learn and configure, and completely scalable.

About Windscribe

Windscribe belongs to Safer Social Ltd, the same company that operates SaferVPN. Israeli cybersecurity experts Amit Bareket and Sagi Gidali launched SaferVPN in 2013, and its success got them thinking about what they could do for businesses. In 2017 they raised $1 million from investors and trialed their corporate VPN service with tech companies in Silicon Valley and Israel. Windscribe officially launched in 2018, and is now available to businesses around the world.

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